15Apr 2020

In many Aisan Countries, the time for children back to school is near. And our COOYEE now is upgrade printing protective mask based on adult protective mask. 10*5 pcs single package, healther and saftey; 3D Dripping, comfortable & breathable; 95% air filtration, dust proof and virus prevention; GB/ T2626-2016 national quality certification; High quality non […]

15Apr 2020

In the past two month the mask most important material–meltblown fabric, have overpriced 20-40 times than before. Many Chinese mask factory was working day and night to finished the customer’s order, the infected people is still increasing rapidly and it’s still far from the mask satisfying.

15Apr 2020

Accotding to Chinadaily news: “The United States Food and Drug Administration has inssured an emergency use authorization for imported non-NIOSH respirators manufactured in China” which means the KN95 producing operation standard is insurance, Chinese KN95 mask can exported to The U.S.

14Apr 2020

In this morning, our cooyee have suffer a “server error”, and it makes our email “service@chinacooyee.com” not available. All the visitors message and the comment, sorry for my dereliction of duty. Kindly hope you can sent the question to “barton.cy307@foxmail.com” again. All the question will be replied in 24hrs.

07Apr 2020

China provides most of the masks on the market. Chinese manufacturer help us avoid the COVID19 efficiently After the VirusCorona outbreaker, the mask has became a necessary resources to avoid influenza. You must have a experience like that: you can’t find a pieces of N95, event a disposable mask. It seems like someting important disappear […]

01Apr 2020

Since the terrible virus spreading all around the world, company go bankrupt, factory can’t work normal, and will it be worse? The answer is quite obviously. If we do not stop camping, party, and other outdoor activities without any protective method. It can really be out of control. Sincerely hope you be patient, just stay […]

21Mar 2020

For most of us, the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in 2019 has put tremendous pressure on people. Tody is hard to get a surgical face mask, pharmaciers and supermarket is out of stock. At the same time, many suppliers producing bulk mask without a certification.

13Mar 2020

* Before putting on a mask, clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. * Cover mouth and nose with mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask. * Avoid touching the mask while using it; if you do, clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or […]

16Sep 2019

Ever since its inception, the iPad has operated in the liminal space between toy and tool. Great for streaming movies and casually browsing, it’s never quite been enough to replace a laptop. Apple’s newest iPad may change that. At its event in Cupertino this month, Apple revealed the specs on its newest entry-level tablet. The 7th-generation model will feature […]

10Sep 2019

Sometimes it pays not to be first. Are you annoyed by all the rumors that 5G won’t be coming to the iPhone until 2020? Does this make you want to switch to Android so you can get 5G now? The truth is, it isn’t that the iPhone isn’t ready for 5G, it’s that 5G isn’t […]

09Sep 2019

Joy-Cons could be more comfortable if this idea ever comes to pass. Nintendo is apparently concerned that the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers might not be flexible enough. The console maker recently applied for a US patent on Joy-Cons with hinges that would let the top half “bend” to provide a more ergonomic grip. This would work whether or not the controllers […]

04Sep 2019

We don’t talk a lot about Europe here, but this week, Gizmodo will be in Germany, drinking beer, mangling Teutonic languages, and covering IFA, the biggest electronics show in Europe. Here’s what you can expect to see based on rumors, pre-announcements, and a little educated guesswork. Be sure to check back for all our coverage through the […]

02Sep 2019

Outspoken tech billionaires and entrepreneurs Jack Ma and Elon Musk may share some similarities. But their views on artificial intelligence (AI) and their interest in space exploration don’t seem to be one of them. When the duo spoke on stage for the annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai on Thursday, Ma, chairman and […]

29Aug 2019

Sorry we’ve been eavesdropping on your sex life. Apple on Wednesday apologized to its users for employing third-party contractors to listen to audio recordings picked up by its Siri voice assistant, including when the voice assistant program was accidentally triggered by muffled background noise. The practice — in which Apple had contractors listened to recordings […]

28Aug 2019

The BBC is gearing up to launch its own voice assistant for the UK called ‘Beeb’ which is said to be able to recognize regional British accents much more effectively. According to The Guardian, Beeb will launch next year after being developed by an in-house BBC team. The focus is said to be on helping people […]

27Aug 2019

After the initial Galaxy Fold fiasco, Samsung is gearing up to launch a redesigned version that hopefully won’t break like the initial model. It’s been three months since the Galaxy Fold should have been released on the market, and early adopters who can’t wait to get their hands on the device may finally have their dreams […]

26Aug 2019

Make sure to check your emails to see if Sony sent you a free copy of the excellent Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Some lucky folks out there might have something a little special waiting in their email inbox. Sony is sending out free copies of one of the best VR games out there right now […]

23Aug 2019

Over the past several months, we’ve seen a slew of reports about how audio recordings captured by voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana were sent off to human contractors for further evaluation. In the case of Siri, for instance, contractors “regularly” heard recordings of people having sex, business deals, and private doctor-patient discussions, according […]

22Aug 2019

CPD’s 11th district officers will take the first crack at it. Samsung created an in-vehicle version of its DeX platform in hopes that it can replace the computers cops and first responders have to carry around. Now, the Chicago Police Department has announced that it’s taking the system for a spin to see if it can truly be an effective […]

21Aug 2019

Xiaomi’s recent top-tier handsets have offered flagship-level specs for considerably less than the likes of Samsung and Huawei, a tactic that looks set to continue with the Mi 9T Pro. If it looks familiar to you, that would be because it’s really just a Redmi K20 Pro that’s been rebranded for sale in Europe. The specs are identical and […]

20Aug 2019

Amazon is offering some Echo devices at a decent discount Fall is just about here, and if you’re ready to start staying indoors a bit more and enjoying time at your house, you might want to think about outfitting your home with some of Alexa-enabled devices to make things easier for yourself.  One of the […]

16Aug 2019

Apple will start selling the HomePod in Japan and Taiwan from next week. Pre-orders are already live on the company’s website, with the smart speaker set to ship on Friday, August 23rd. The HomePod is priced at 32,800 yen in Japan, which works out to about $309, and $9,900 New Taiwan dollars, or about $316. Apple cut the US […]

15Aug 2019

Shopping for a new charger for your phone can be confusing. Typically, you’re good to go with whatever ships with your device, but it probably isn’t an adapter that can give you the fastest and best charging speeds. Those are often more expensive, and your smartphone’s manufacturer isn’t going to be that generous out of […]

14Aug 2019

Google has a brand new security feature that every Android user out there should be using, as long as they operate devices with built-in fingerprint sensors running at least Android 7. But what’s exciting is that the feature will really shine once the Pixel 4 launches, as Google’s device is already confirmed to feature 3D […]